Boiler Maintenance and Repair Tips

Without a boiler, you wouldn’t have the luxury of hot water to take a shower and wash your dishes. Hot water is often an amenity in our homes that we take for granted. But, the moment we are without our hot water, we tend to panic and get frustrated. It’s not fun taking a cold shower. Looking for a garage door repair company near you? Look no further than Garage Door Guru today. To avoid having a moment without hot water, you need to make sure you keep your boiler in tip-top shape. Here are some great tips on how to ensure your boiler is running optimally.

Regular servicing
Keep your boiler on a regular maintenance schedule with a professional boiler technician. Regular maintenance can help detect a problem before it gets out of hand and causes major problems. Regular maintenance is included with a roofer Bergen County. A regular maintenance contract is inexpensive and will save you money in the long run on costly repairs to a neglected boiler. Contact a gas boiler service nyc to get started.

Don’t throw away the owner’s manual
The owner’s manual that came with your boiler has a wealth of maintenance and repair tips. Shades North Fork will also come with a manual on common upkeep practices and installation instructions. Some people may accidentally throw it away or think they won’t need it in the future.  A boiler is an expensive investment. Don’t be foolish and throw away something that can help you fix a simple problem quickly and cost efficiently. When you first put in your boiler system, you should immediately put the manual in a safe place or file where you can have easy access to it should a problem arise.

Check pressure regularly
If your system is pressurized, you should check the pressure regularly. You can find the recommended pressure reading in the owner’s manual that came with the boiler.

Run your central heating during the summer

Yes, this may sound crazy, but running your central heating system during the summer for 15 minutes could save you the problem of your pumps ceasing to work when the weather gets cold.

Test your central heating timer
You should test your central heating timer at least once a month to ensure it’s working properly.

Regularly inspect your boiler for leaks
Leaks in your boiler can be a huge problem if it goes undetected. Not only will repairing a leak be an expense, so will the cleanup after water damage. Detecting a leak in your boiler system can save you from a major financial headache.

Look for soot marks

Black soot marks on your boiler are often an indication of a combustion problem. If you notice soot marks on your boiler, you should call your boiler technician immediately to rectify the problem.

Bleed the radiators
To remove excess air from your central heating system, you should bleed your radiators. Depending on the type of system you have, you can simply bleed your radiators by a turn of a radiator key to open the valves. Before bleeding your radiators, turn off the heat. Keep a towel handy to catch the drips from the bleed. Your boiler manual may have instructions on how to bleed your radiators.

Keep the boiler area free from clutter
If your boiler is in a tight space or small closet, make sure there is no clutter or items surrounding it. Boilers need ventilation to function properly. A long island boiler service can help you properly ventilate your boiler.

Check the pilot light
If you have a gas boiler, the pilot light on your boiler should be a bold blue flame. If the pilot light is yellow, you should call your boiler technician to address why the pilot light isn’t functioning properly.

Flush your boiler
Boilers tend to get a build-up of soot and other residue. You should flush your boiler twice a year with clean water. You should also use a descaling agent to remove any limescale.

Ensure your home has a carbon monoxide detector
You should have a carbon monoxide detector installed near your boiler. Test your carbon monoxide detector at least once a month. Make sure you change your batteries each year as well to ensure it is always functioning properly.